my hands full of light

Published by Backbone Press. Durham, NC. 2021.

“The poems in Gideon Young’s debut collection my hands full of light showcase grace and honesty that compel the reader to keep reading.  Young is one of the best haiku poets among his generation, depicting family and the natural world into poems that captivate.”

— Lenard D. Moore
Honorary Curator of the American Haiku Archives
Former President of the Haiku Society of America (2008 and 2009)
Editor, One Window’s Light and All The Songs We Sing

“These pages catch blessings.”

— Marilyn Nelson
Author of A Wreath for Emmett Till
Former Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets


One Window’s Light: A Collection of Haiku

Published by Unicorn Press. Greensboro, NC. 2017.

*Winner of the 2017 Haiku Society of America Merit Award for Best Anthology

“A literal and metaphorical groundbreaker, this unique and indispensable collection contains a brilliant array of haiku…” – Lauri Ramey

“Most impressive… is its focus on environment and current events, offering a clear point of view that haiku is not just about nature; it is also about human nature and society. Such an important haiku collection in American haiku history, One Window’s Light…” – John Zheng

A review of One Window’s Light, written by John Zheng, published in the North Carolina Literary Review Online 2019.